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Listed Building

We have the technical experience and manufacturing resources to design and manufacture bespoke doorsets for listed buildings, even with certification to FD30 and FD60. We can even fit the door hardware and ironmongery at the factory saving you time and money later on.

We've also provided doorsets for residential apartments, check them out here.

Door Solutions

  • Doorpac can manufacture to complement existing building styles and finishes, including heritage style panel effects in either a paint grade or wood grain finish

  • Available in made to order sizes to complement existing site openings, at a reduced lead time and cost

Frame Solutions

  • Our experienced team can supply bespoke doors to match the existing doors onsite and maintain the character of the existing building and of course to meet any listed building consents.

  • Competitively priced pre-hung Doorsets, designed for high traffic and residential environments, made to reduce onsite installation times and improve finished product quality

  • Doorpac have 7 tested frame systems available to match up against existing frame arrangements or create new opening effected (such as solid rebated, architrave-less fit, proud fit and split frame)

  • Architraves, Plinth Blocks & Rosettes can be manufactured to matchup with those onsite

  • Integrated or stand-alone glazed screen and fanlight units available

  • Doorsets delivered to site palletised, labelled, and protected for rapid onsite deployment

Ironmongery Solutions

  • As with all of our doorsets we can supply, machine and factory fit the majority of the ironmongery to the doorset. This has saved our customers a significant amount of money when compared to the cost of machining and fitting ironmongery on-site, with the additional benefit of reduced installation times and a reduction in site losses.

  • Ironmongery components can be supplied factory fitted to improve finished product quality, reduce snagging, and reduce labour costs

  • Ironmongery finishes and designs can be matched to compliment the current building aesthetic

Case Study

Litfield Place, Clifton

Constructed in 1828, this grand regency villa has shifted in functionality from residential villa, to boarding school, and then to residential apartments. During its recent renovation we supplied 100nr new fire rated doorsets which were designed to complement the buildings Victorian aesthetic. This included a 4 panel solid timber door design and specially moulded timber architraves. During the design process we worked closely with the architect to create samples for approval.

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Contract Management

Our service is one of the main reasons our customers keep coming back.

Bridging the gap between site and manufacturing, our appointed Contracts Manager will work with the site to resolve any outstanding design issues and get the products into manufacture to help complete the building programme on time. They will also attend pre-start meetings, assist the site with initial surveys, provide onsite installation training, provide technical drawings for signs off and create manufacturing schedules for approval.

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