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Delivery & Packaging

Doorsets delivered to your requirements.

Our doorsets are delivered as pre-assembled unit.

Our doorsets are delivered as pre-assembled unit.

We usually provide the doorsets to you palletised by plots or clusters, to make it easier for you when you are loading the products out. Each delivery is scheduled to suit the nature of your project, so whether the delivery is for a residential building or a school, it will be appropriately packaged and delivered on time.

Each pallet is securely banded, braced and stretch wrapped to make them easier to handle on site. We have over a decade of experience in manufacturing and organising the distribution of our doorsets to the highest standard, and usually in large quantities. Over one hundred thousand of our doorsets have come into use across a whole range of different sectors, from hotels to apartments.

Each doorset is individually labelled to show where its exact location on site should be. This decreases the chance of mistakes and ensures a clear and simple delivery process. Organisation and planning is essential for a smooth delivery.

Deliveries are scheduled to suit your program of work. We aim to make the process as efficient and easy for you as possible. If you have any special requests or queries, please get in touch and let us know, we will do our best to accommodate them. Our aim is to offer the best customer service that we can. 

We are based in Sheffield in South Yorkshire, ideally located to deliver up and down the country. We mainly focus on producing doorsets for the British Isles and frequently supply to the Isle of Man. However, in the past we have supplied doorsets as far afield as the Congo.

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