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Door Servicing Options

Door Servicing Options

Whilst we specialise in the supply of complete doorsets, we also have an extensive range of doors available from stock and full CNC machining and joinery facilities available onsite.


This means we can machine doors quickly and accurately for all your servicing requirements.

Service Types

Rebated StilesRebated Stiles

We can manufacture and supply paired doors with rebated meeting stiles.

Only available on non-fire rated and FD30 doors.

Intumescent StripsIntumescent Strips

Whilst the groove for the intumescent strip is usually machined in the frame, we can also machine the groove into the door leaf - ideal for the replacment market.

We can also machine for the intumescent strip to the meeting stiles of fire doors.


Concealed ClosersConcealed Closers

Concealed closers (particularly in the head of the door) usually involve complex machining, a task ideally suited to our CNC machines rather than a joiner on-site.



Locks and HingesLocks and Hinges

We can machine for the majority of the different lock types available on the market, and over recent years have built up a library of over 200 of the most popular lock types.

This is particularly useful for when supplying replacement doors that can be delivered already machined for the lock and hinges.


We are Certifire accreditated for the supply of doors machined for apertures. We can also glaze the aperture, ensuring the correct glazing systems are used on fire rated doors.


As well as the more complex machining involved with concealed closers we can also machine for the smaller items of ironmongery such as eyeviewers.


As well as machining apertures for glazing we can also machine for letterplates.

Acoustic Dropdown ThresholdsAcoustic Dropdown Thresholds

With the increase in the use of accoustic seals to meet the requirements of Part E we can supply doors factory machined for the dropdown threshold, saving time and money on-site. 

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