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Foil Faced Doors

Competively priced fully finished doors for the residential market.

Our foil faced doors are competively priced and available in selected woodgrain finishes as well as white, that can be either smooth or grained.

Foil Faced Doors
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Woodgrain Finishes Available
Plain Colour Finishes Available
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Target Market Contract | Residential
Door Type Foil Flush Door
Fire Ratings Available N/A
Woodgrain Finishes Available N/A
Plain Colour Finishes Available N/A
Panel Options N/A
Inlay Options N/A
Groove Options N/A
Door Core Options N/A
Edge Options N/A
Door Frame Options N/A
Frame Material - Solid Timber Options N/A
Apertures N/A
Frame Material - MDF Options N/A
Acoustics N/A
Extensions N/A
Architrave Type N/A
Glass N/A
Architrave Profiles N/A
Glazing Bead Profile N/A
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Available with a hollowcore or solidcore, with fire ratings upto FD60.

Depending on the core type and seals used, acoustic ratings of 34dB can be achieved.

Each door leaf is lipped to the long edges, with the foil concealing the hardwood lippings.

On woodgrain foils the lipping complements the foil.

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